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Self-Limiting Beliefs

Why do we have those? If you know the answer please share in the comments below this post.

Here’s the list of Top 10 Self-Limiting Beliefs:

1. I’m too old
2. I’m not smart enough
3. I’m not educated enough
4. I’m afraid of trying and failing
5. You have to have money to make money
6. I’ve already tried everything
7. It’s selfish of me to want more
8. I don’t feel that I really deserve it
9. I don’t have the willpower
10. All the good ones are taken…

If you can eliminate those pop-ups in your head things change for the better!

For example if this guy would say to himself: “I have no hands I can’t play the guitar” this wouldn’t happen –

This is just one of the many stories that keep happening as a result of people not giving into their limiting beliefs.

Nelly Event blog is here to inspire and motivate you to live your dreams!

Remember love is action.
Without ups and downs a heart beat would stop and music would turn into silence.

And …

Dreams don’t just come true we make them real!

What could you do if you can eliminate your limiting beliefs?

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