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It’s important to have a clear vision

Interesting thing: we attract what we want. Clear intentions make it easy, but a lot of times we simply can’t make up our mind.

Did you notice that when you want something so much you can’t stop thinking about it, all of a sudden opportunities come your way.

It is very important to have clear vision, set goals and a have lot of dedication.

What can be a distraction in a way?

For example: in order to get what you want you need to do all these other things first and it’s hard to prioritize. In this case you can pay close attention to what come your way and what is extremely important to do first. Also if it’s a good time to do this particular thing at the moment.

It applies to everything: building relationships, doing what you love, gaining a skill, becoming a professional at something etc

And what kind of discipline your goals require?

Think about what kind of schedule you need to develop and apply in order for this new goal of yours to fit into your daily routine.

Usually it takes many experiments to come up with the best possible way of doing things for your desirable progress.

If what you are currently doing simply doesn’t work at this time, focus on something else.

For example: if you want to improve your physical shape but you get sick or something comes up and you can’t exercise on a schedule what else can you do during this time? Maybe improve your eating habits, do research (or whatever else that can still keep you on track, getting one step closer to your goal)

If you choose to do something not related to your goal or a bunch of things at the same time ignoring priorities then you will be simply delaying results.

Sometimes it’s good to take a break but as long as there’s an organized commitment you can achieve any goal.

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