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The value of humility

Here are just a few qualities humble people have: The are not praise seeking, teachable, understanding, service oriented, outward-thinking, selfless, exemplify goodness…

How do these qualities serve us?

When we don’t seek praise: we are not influenced by other people’s opinion in any way. We do things unconditionally in another words with a heart full of love. We don’t get upset if we are not rewarded for what we do. If we make a mistake we don’t get extremely upset feeling we lost someone’s appreciation or approval, we simply fix the mistake the best way we can after apologizing (no overthinking)

When we are teachable: we allow ourselves to gain wisdom vs making a fool out of ourselves by playing “know it all role” when in reality a human being can not have a perfect knowledge of everything. We also don’t miss the opportunity to see things from a different perspective through someone else’s eyes.
When we are open minded we can learn more and compare what we know to extract essential insights based on what is important in our life at the moment.

That leads to a great quality of being understanding. And this is such an important asset in life. Understanding brings people together, solves arguments, prevents fights, eliminates abuse… helps to avoid heavy heart feeling caused by misunderstanding or misinterpreting.
It helps to serve people exactly the way they need it which turns out to be the best thing as it brings absolute happiness and abundance.

Speaking of service … this is the way to show love via action. When we love someone we have an overwhelming desire to serve that person. Service is a steady foundation for a lasting relationship. It gives us an opportunity to do more than words can tell. Also every successful individual is constantly in service to his fellow beings. Good service is always highly rewarded.

Outward thinking or selfless simply means to put someone else first. That doesn’t mean we should neglect ourselves. It means serve food to yourself after you serve everyone who is dining with you.
This simple principle many call good manners. Also in some situations selflessness might require sacrifice. Like doing something for someone out of love when you could be doing something else in another words setting priorities.

That leads to the next one of many qualities – exemplifying goodness. This simply means people look up to us. And we can set a good example just as successfully as we can set up a bad example. Notice how many times people repeat what others do and find their own reason behind it. People who choose to lie what others lie avoiding certain unpleasant situations so they choose to follow that example. Or people choose to go out of their way to help someone because they are fascinated by someone helping people and wants to do the same because they are having such a wonderful experience.

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