Our Mission: Let's Heal the World with Music

Welcome to Music Heals Me!

UPCOMING EVENTS: Music Heals Me at the Tulsa Day Center (415 W Archer St, Tulsa OK 74103) on July 16th, 2021 @ noon-1pm


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Music Heals Me Showcase

Videos of the participants of Music Heals Me Showcase

Images of the participants of Music Heals Me Showcase at the Crow Creek Tavern

Music Heals Shop

Handmade Custom Purse made with Merchandise or Crew T-Shirt from one of the local gigs to support Music Heals Movement “Let’s Heals The World With Music!”

Every sold purse gives you a FREE online music lesson, a surprise gift and a %50 discount for the first month of lessons!)

$50 goes to make a new purse and $20 goes towards Music Heals Movement.

You can also gift your lesson to someone who loves music but can’t afford lessons.