Alice April Academy Blog 2017 Post #4

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This week (January 23-27, 2017) is dedicated to Jacob McCaslin

Week #4 is all about new artists who are still working hard to win big audiences or just recently made themselves known in the world.

Jacob is a very talented musician. His work is very inspiring!

Check out one of his cover loop-pedal videos “Superstition”

Take a look at another cover “Let’s Get It On”

Listen to “Chasing Sirens” by Jacob McCaslin.

Jacob McCaslin is an award winning vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer. Influenced very young by the work of soul and blues artists, Jacob has been advancing in all aspects of the music world. While only 21 years old, he is recognized as an gifted guitarist by respectable guitar players and dubbed a virtuoso singer by vocal authorities. Jacob McCaslin has been composing and producing his own music for over 11 years, and is still growing as a musician as he continues his studies at Berklee College of Music, as a scholarship student.

Jacob McCaslin truly stands out with his immense vocal range and versatility on the guitar, but his songwriting talent is really what sets him apart from every other artist. He received a songwriting scholarship from Berklee College of Music-a very prestigious music school in Boston, MA. Jacob has also been recognized for his songwriting abilities by winning KTUB’s One Song One Chance songwriting competition in 2011. Winning One Song gave Jacob McCaslin and his band at the time, Jacob McCaslin & Roll the Credits the opportunity to record an EP in a professional music studio. In May of 2012, the band released Walk a Mile – EP, and was limited to only 200 physical copies, which sold out fast. The EP is now available on iTunes. The Limited Edition version, which includes bonus tracks, behind the scenes footage, as well as remastered tracks, is available exclusively at

After the success of the Walk a Mile EP and the summer tour, in which a majority of shows were primarily centered around the Seattle area, the band was able to afford their own recording equipment and began tracking songs for their future album. In addition to producing their own songs, Jacob McCaslin and Colton Stapper started Stapper Studios, a mobile recording company which focused on bring professional recording quality to local artists. As Colton and Jacob both engineered all the projects, Jacob also mixed/mastered everything.

In the start of 2013, the band announced that the album, Cautionary Tales, was being recorded and produced and would be released soon, and a hiatus from performing shows would be initiated.

Shortly after announcing the band’s hiatus, the single, and cover of Mama’s Gun’s, ‘Get a High’ was released on YouTube and Bandcamp for free. Jacob McCaslin & Roll the Credits received an amazing response and the video grew very popular, reaching 50,000 views within the first 2 weeks of being released.

After the success of ‘Get a High,’ the band focused on recording the rest of the album. Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, the recording of Cautionary Tales was postponed until the Summer of 2013. In September 2013, the band released ‘Cautionary Tales,’ exclusively on BandCamp.

Jacob McCaslin is currently attending Berklee College of Music, on various scholarships and awards.

Here’s a great acapella cover tune “I Wish” by Jacob, enjoy!

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