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NELLY EVENT BLOG / 2016 Post # 9

Be the change you want to see

How many times we hear one person can’t change the world?

Well that might be true in a way that it doesn’t take just one person. Although it always starts with one person!

Every human being has something special about them that can make this world a better place.

Simple example: act of kindness – anyone is capable of sharing this gift. Just like we all are creative individuals we all have an opportunity to create an impact on the world 🌎 today.

If you want something in the world to change, start inside out and usually it generates a chain reaction.

Think of it this way we always long for something we see and like.

We want to own it, duplicate it, etc

So why not looking up to people vs looking down to people. Why picking up bad mood, habits, struggles… when we can pick up love, desire to help, learn, improve and the list goes on.

It doesn’t mean to copy someone’s life or behavior in order to live a better life, it means to select mentorship and as a result create it with a personal touch.

Look at science and how much it improves day by day, why?

People learn from what is already out there looking up to the best of the best. This constant process is sustained by individuals.

One person at a time.

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