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 NELLY EVENT BLOG / 2016 Post # 6

Don’t steal from yourself

This is a very important subject. Many people spend more money than they make, just as many people buy things they don’t really need.

The question is how to know exactly what we need?

Well if without this item/service/etc you are in need – that is your answer.

If you can do just fine without it – walk away and put the money towards a financial goal you have.

Having your own bank/financial support is such a life saver.

Notice that if you owe more than you have you are in debt. When you make money and spend it while having debt you are not really spending your money, you are spending someone else’s money until you no longer owe anything.

Why is this so important?

Well financed affect our life big time. Influence relationships, our mood, levels of stress under certain circumstances etc.

Are you “stealing” from yourself by wasting money?

Why is “gambling” so dangerous?

Why getting a loan is such an important decision to make?

Why being very careful owning a credit card?

How people live without debt?

Do you really need some things right away or everything has it’s own right timing?

Think before you rub your own bank. Be smart before you become wise. Remember we learn by making mistakes. Think back about your financial decisions.

Money is a tool. Use it according to “the manual” 😉

It’s easy to break you bank.

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