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NELLY EVENT BLOG / 2016 Post # 5

Be self-reliant

In need VS needy, good service VS careless giving, dependent VS self sufficient in progress…

There are people in need who are truly struggling but there are so many who choose to be that way. It’s tough reality, right? We all know what it means to play a victim and drown in excuses vs taking action.

Blessed to know people who took action in extremely tough circumstances.

Sadly learning more and more about people abusing Welfare System. It’s tough because people who give money to a person in need might be actually unknowingly supporting their substance abuse instead of helping with necessities.

In the US there are so many people with a big heart who created organizations to help people in need. You can find shelter, wash yourself, find places to eat three times a day, get used or even new clothes and items needed. You can get a free phone, medical care and affordable housing. You can get support and counseling. And the list goes on. Yes there are strict rules in place in order to keep the work going the best way possible.

This part is not gonna be about people who have extremely challenging physical or mental disabilities.

For an inspiration look up Sean Stephenson.

Every story is different but when you see a perfectly capable person asking for money you start wondering… Now some people are not gonna be on the streets but they are around us giving up on themselves, developing ongoing self inflicted challenges. These people need more help than money, home or food. They need love! They need someone who believes in them, points out their good qualities despite of reoccurring mistakes they didn’t learn from, someone who will take them out of the draining destructive environment or so called friends who give them an “easy” short-term and dangerous way out.

It’s no secret that some people on the streets are making money to purchase items for substance abuse or entertainment VS food, clothing and shelter as those things are provided by so many local charities.

Some people in need here are people who choose to be in need. They are people who choose not to take action to live their own life to it’s full potential. They choose to stay on the bottom because in their opinion it’s easy. On the other hand so many of them are very clever, know how to run a business, and could be doing great! They have tough skin, vulnerable heart and many of them simply gave up for one reason or another.

We all should ask questions like what can we do to be charitable vs what can we get from charities and here’s where a great lesson arises:

Think about times when we are asked to do something (not even help necessarily)
We ask ourselves this question:
Is it convenient for us to do this?

We all human and we all share same or very similar feelings, experiences, challenges. As it’s known – whatever comes your way will make you or break you.

And on our own it can be so tough that it can easily brake us. That’s why it is so crucially important to unite and give love, serve and care!

That is how we can strengthen each other and especially those who are the most vulnerable! Those with extremely tough challenges, those who feel broken and gave up on themselves or even those who rebelled and are surviving doing all kinds of dangerous things for themselves and people around.

That is why personal education is so important, so we can discover our weaknesses and overcome them. Also we can reach out to people like us who struggle to help them as we already figured it out for ourselves.

People with cancer unite to strengthen and build each other up, people with mental illnesses can do the same, people who have hot temper and get mad easily and the list goes on. We can create community of people helping people with similar challenges.

We can teach one another how be become self sufficient, independent and give back.

These are the key principles (View the Image)👇

1. Talks about being able to provide for yourself.
2. Talks about being able to develop a strong character.
3. Talks about having respect for oneself and others.

How many people do you know who you tirelessly tried to help who ended up maybe even hating you for trying (because you were exposing the obvious) giving suggestions or even funding someone’s need.

Tough, right? There’s a saying “You can’t help someone until they want to help themselves”.

Some people are carelessly giving, thinking they are doing good but in reality supporting someones weakness.

Be mindful, give love. Inspire personal education. Be careful about giving money.

Love, service and attention are way more productive!

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