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NELLY EVENT BLOG / 2016 Post # 4

Love the right person

 Everyone wants to be in a happy relationship, right?

Sure, some people state they enjoy loneliness but more likely there’s a very specific reason behind the statement.

As a common most women look for the loving/trust worthy/supportive relationship that turns into a lasting companionship-family-possible parenting-enjoying and treasuring every moment together – worth investing into.

* Loving – when you feel you are loved
* Trust Worthy – when you know you can trust your partner no matter what kind of situation comes up in life, this person always has your back (when you truly need help, advice, compassion, etc)
* Supportive – when you partner has respect for what you enjoy in life and accepts you the way you are without trying to change you

If you can tell what’s going on is temporary and there’s no long-term plans or uncertainty is present – it is gonna teach a great lesson for the future decision making. (Also time sensitive for women who want to have children unless they would consider possible adoption or don’t want to have children.)
Unfortunately in many cases of a relationship failure women end up as a single mother, or letting “things to work out on their own” or even give up parenting.
Children from a broken home or no family to begin with have a different life, they are born into a challenging environment and as a result will struggle.

Do you research before you become responsible for the life you create.

Note: we are not talking about people who are looking for “fun” temporary entertainment to please their physical needs/wants. Again do research what those “adventures” lead to in most cases.
No happiness, just temporary thrill with certain consequences.

Most men look for the relationship that has an environment where they can feel honored and appreciated as a man, cosy home they would want to come back to, comfort zone where they can always relax and find love/support/care/understanding/kindness etc, where they can feel joy fulfilling their purpose, leave legacy by becoming a parent – worth investing into.

* Feel honored and appreciated – when their opinion is important and their decisions are never doubted, when they are allowed to lead, support and protect their family, when the woman is always grateful and understanding
* Cosy home / Comfort zone – leadership and responsibilities are stressful and without relaxation and support can get unbearable, that’s when the temper comes out. Comfort zone/food/proper rest help to release tension.
* Feel love and joy – men just like women want to feel loved and cared for. It is known that men are like children. With that in mind they need attention, they want to be heard/entertained/taken care of and they love with their eyes.

Again excluding temporary trills.

If a man or a woman lack something in a relationship they usually subconsciously look for it outside of their relationship and that’s when all kinds of outcome can happen.

Everybody’s different but if you really look into happy family environment you can see many common ways how happiness in relationships is achieved.

Opposites attract and someone has to have more patience and love for another person to sustain the relationship. It can be either a man or a woman but that’s when the relationship lasts.

A man and a woman not only have feelings for each other they are best friends and lasting relationships always have a strong foundation.

And it is always fun and evolving!

Note: does not apply to dating as by definition dating is looking for that special someone worth a life long relationship.

Also does not apply to the same gender couples as physically/spiritually/mentally/emotionally two people of the same gender don’t have the same experiences as a man with a woman. They substitute what they can’t duplicate by choice. Anything can work if you make it work and accept it as your only choice. But it is a known wisdom that all of our choices are followed by consequences. We should respect opinions even if they are different from ours as everyone is born with personal challenges of some sort and we can not understand a person with different challenges from ours, we can only guess or try to.

Again do your research and also use wisdom. We all have our inner guidance.
Although be careful because as we make poor choices we can diminish it to the point where we can hardly tell the right from wrong anymore.

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