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The importance of making choices.

Even if you don’t have faith in higher intelligence this is crucial to know for personal education purposes. And I also am sharing my experience on the subject.

We all choose for ourselves. People can’t really influence us because we have our own head on the shoulders. In the end it’s us who make a decision, not them. They can let us know about things and even suggest it or insist on it but WE choose to act upon it or not. I learned this as a child “If everyone will go jump off the cliff and you do too, it’s not their fault it’s yours. If someone pushed you to fall down then yes that person is at fault.” Also there’s fear factor like if you are scared for yourself and you do things based on fear. Like I had an experience when someone tried to kill me and I did what that man told me because I thought I’m gonna die, but then my inner self said: “no run no matter what, at the end at least you try”. And it worked I survived. I learned many things over time by reading and watching educational material and just analyzing experiences – those individuals who play a victim saying it’s people’s fault, the circumstances, the world around whatever it is deny their own presence in the moment. The only way we can improve is from the inside not from the outside. We are not changed by people, morals, charitable organizations, churches or anything else, we are changed by our own choices from the inside out. Our thoughts can turn into our actions. And as many studies show people are here to evolve or degrade physically/spiritually/mentally/emotionally.

And even if the scripture is talking about eternity – just an example: people who made in impact on others by something – become history. Like Political Leaders, Artists, Architects, People in the Media Industry, Doctors, Wise Man, Parents, Teachers, Inventors and the list goes on. Death is not only when your body is no longer here but also when you are forgotten, when your whole life didn’t leave anything behind… When your time alive was waisted on some selfish goals. Raising a child is legacy, creating a project that people can enjoy is legacy, and so on… For people of no faith this is a simple definition of eternity aside of anything spiritual.

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